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We, at ArtHouse, love our residents and value their feedback about living in our luxury apartment building in Seattle, WA. Youll notice mentions of our great location near dining, shopping, parks, and recreation only minutes away. Our residents also mention how they love both the apartment and community amenities weve specially curated. 

See what they have to say about our floorplans, amenities, and location below, or view the reviews on Google!


Nick Block
I highly recommend ArtHouse! Please see my reasons below:

My apartment is absolutely beautiful with modern interior design, all the necessities (including electric stove top, dish washer, and washer / dryer), big windows from top to bottom for natural light, and a private balcony with an amazing view of the water.

The community amenities are also exceptional (rooftop, recycle / trash, parking, bike rack, dog wash and gym although the gym is closed atm because of Corona).

The location is perfect! I’m walking distance from Pike Place Market, the sculpture park, my office, and multiple restaurants.

Perhaps the biggest and most pleasant surprise was just how friendly, professional and accommodating the staff has been. As with any move, you’re bound to have a few issues (in my case it was my parking spot which was too small for my vehicle, a stolen package from a thief tailgating a resident as they entered the garage, fitness center being closed as a result of corona, and a light bulb that went out). These issues were taken seriously and addressed by the staff in the most professional manner. I was issued a new parking spot, I was notified about the thief and provided with footage plus security measures were quickly installed to deter and prevent future thievery, the team sent an email blast that they were working with their legal team to find a way to keep the gym partially open (appointments, one person at a time, strict cleaning etc.), and maintenance replaced my bulb in record time. Please don’t put too much faith into earlier reviews about old staff. The new staff has really gone above and beyond expectations to enhance my experience here!

Full transparency here... ArtHouse is the best apartment complex I have lived in to date.

Suzi Tobinksy
We are writing a superlative review in these unprecedented times. My husband and I have been a resident for almost 3 years and the service has gone way up with the current staff. We hope it will help others make the right decision to live here at ArtHouse Apartments.

The staffs are really professional, kind, and attentive. The building is clean and splendid! Really is a great spot and we love our home!

Blake Primeaux
I've been living at ArtHouse for over a year now and have had a great time living here. The location and views are incredible. There have been some bumps in the road as stated in other reviews but the building now has a dedicated maintenance man and cleaning crew. The new manager April is by far the best I've dealt with in my time here. The assistant manager Juan, who has been here since I moved in, is incredibly helpful. Any issues I've had have been addressed quickly and professionally. The apartments are gorgeous and fairly roomy. A year in and I'm still happy I chose ArtHouse. So happy in fact that I just renewed my lease.

Dan Billick, LMT
Great views.  Convenient location.  Incredible lobby.  Smart floorplan/layout.  Washer/Dryer in units.

We have lived at ArtHouse for over a month now. Choosing ArtHouse has proved to be the best renting choice I've ever made. We are very happy living here, and appreciate the stunning bay view, modern amenities, beautiful terrace and common areas,  the cleanness of the place, the thoughtful safety and security details throughout the building, and all the convenience and excitement of living right in the city.

What really made the lasting impression and drew us to sign the lease is because their staff showed great care with respect, empathy, and actions. Their property manager April welcomed us with her genuine smiles and caring questions, and I know that's just how she treats everyone who walks into her office. With the complicated situation of my relocation from the East Coast to Seattle and etc, April was of great help offering her expert suggestions and went for extra miles to make our moving the easiest and smoothest one. In retrospect, I have to say April is really smart and amazing! She knew what's needed and handled things with great ease! Their Assistant Property Manager Chang is very cool and pleasant, and he listens well and tries to help as much as he can!

In short, It feels really great to come back home at ArtHouse every day!

Andrew Schepers
Resident since opening (5 years+).The location is perfect for walkability, and the apartments are beautiful and modern. The appliances and fixtures are high quality and the building as a whole has a lot of modern character.

The common areas are great, but you'll be sharing with lots of travelers. The property rents out vacant units to AirBNB-like services, so strangers roam the building and they're always asking for help from residents.

Updated review: The level of service at ArtHouse has definitely improved over the last year, so I've changed my review from 3 stars to 5.

Rachel Gold
This is the best building I have stayed in, not just because of the nice features like quartz countertops and gorgeous flooring with nice amenities ( good gym) but mainly because of the people that run and work at Art House. The property manager April is the best property manager I have come across. She really cares about her residents and goes above and beyond. She came in on her day off to accommodate me, helped me when I lost my Key fob, is always there to help and responds back even when she is not working. It is like she never stops working for her residents. I once had a noise complaint and she made sure that it was addressed and it would not happen again. I haven't had an issue with it since. Another thing is the location, great location right next to Pike Market and Target which is a huge plus! I moved here about 7 months ago and I am certainly planning on staying here a while. It is hard to find a building that has it all. But this one does. Thank you April and the staff that makes this building my home!

Christy Saevivat
Great staff. Very clean building, great community events, awesome views. In regards to unauthorized people coming into the building, residents need to start looking out for their own security/safety and not let anyone in that doesn't have access. I have seen security guards making rounds at night but still, it's common sense to be vigilant of your own space and try to reduce "tailgating" (letting people sneak into the building right behind you after you unlock the door). The front desk/leasing office has always been responsive to my needs or questions. Would highly recommend staying here for vacation or living here (great location with a decent sized parking garage)

Darlena Johnson
I've lived at the ArtHouse for a little over 2 years and loved it from the beginning. I felt so welcomed and staff were accommodating, helpful and usually speedy with service. I moved in a few months after their grand opening! :) Juan (at the time) was the assistant/resident manager and coordinator for community events and he was amazing... and fashionable ;) I liked his vibe right away, amazing customer service help and extremely informative. In late 2015- present there was a new management team switch. April Owens is a fantastic property manager. She's very helpful, friendly and Understanding, any questions or concerns I knew I could come to her for it. The assistant manager, Chang was also helpful and professional as well. The team they currently have is amazing!

The community, from what I've experienced is really quiet and chill... Often times I thought I was in a ghost town because I was usually always the only one in the elevator, rooftops, or lobby. Lol. But nonetheless the neighbors that I have run across were friendly, polite and considerate. The commons areas were always clean and fresh. I took FULL advantage of both of the rooftop! Its beautiful! They always had fun events for residents to take part in to get to know one another, usually quarterly or so. The location is ideal!

I'm not much of a complainer and it doesn't take much to make me happy. Although, I've had some bumps in the road I am proud to have called ArtHouse my first apartment ever and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of what the property and management had to offer! I'd definitely recommend to check it out for yourself! :)

Parker Olson
I work right around the corner & they let me use their bike pump. New management just took over and they are very professional and friendly!

Carrie Kamath
We lived in this apartment for 3 years.... the rooftop is by far the best view and ambiance of all the apartment complexes we toured (about 10-15 other buildings). The staff took care of us during our stay there and the building has a great location for walking to belltown bars/ restaurants. The only reason we moved out was because we relocated to a new city for a job.

Christopher Hall
I believe reviews are very personal and can be skewed by both positive and negative experiences, sometimes without much thought for being genuine and pragmatic - so I am often myself reluctant to take a review with much seriousness - however, I also believe in being honest with feedback and as a professional executive, I have to own my experience and provide constructive feedback to help my team, and in this case to share my experiences at the Arthouse Apartments for future potential tenants.

I have been a resident at the Arthouse since March 2016, and ever since my first visit to the Arthouse, the management team have been extremely professional - they are always courteous and responsive, no matter how busy they get.  In the 9-months I have been resident I have witnessed many things . . . which embody the epitome of 'Outstanding Customer Service'.

Also, during this time, when a problem does arise (e.g. like a noisy inconsiderate neighbor, or a selfish person who does not follow the rules regarding the recycling or trash disposal) when this has been brought to the managements attention, they have responded immediately to rectify any issues and address the situation.

Having developed a personal relationship with the management team, over the course of my residency, I feel they are an extremely helpful and supportive team - lead by April Owens.

I have personally witnessed, how much April and her team will go above and beyond the call of duty to support, help and accommodate the tenants in her charge. The extent of their accommodation has been amazing and I have not witnessed such understanding and consideration from any other property management company or staff to the same level.

As with everything things can and do go wrong, and when these things happen, I know I can take any issue and bring it to the managements attention and know it will be well received and acted upon. As a leader myself, you can only deal with issues that are brought to your attention and if people choose not to bring those issues to the managements' attention, then it does not help the other tenants.  In all things I believe management always needs to know the issues in order for them to address the problem.  So the onus is on the tenant to take a lead and visit the manned front office and raise those issues personally. I know when I do this, it is appreciated and acted upon immediately.

So, if you are considering a conveniently located apartment block with caring and thoughtful management - then the Arthouse is a great option.  I am moving soon, and will miss the contact with the management team - they have been extremely helpful to me personally and for that I will be forever grateful.

The apartments are of an extremely high-standard with, as in my case, an amazing view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, conveniently located not far from Pikes Place and just a stones-throw from Pier 66 and the waterfront, near Belltown.  Everything is in walking distance and has a Walk Score of 96.  No car needed!

The only issue I have , is that I have to leave the Arthouse and find another home in Florida of equal caliber with equally as dedicated and committed staff who are as customer focused.

Thank-you April to you and Chan and your team - all the best Chris

Mack Owen

Arthouse is located in the best possible area of Downtown Seattle, just steps away from Pike Place Market and the waterfront. The building is absolutely beautiful, and the views from the balcony on the 8th floor are AMAZING! I give Arthouse a 10/10 for aesthetics and location!

Working with the team at Arthouse has been absolutely great. 10/10 AGAIN!  April ( the Property Manager, and Chang (Assistant Property Manager)  are always positive, helpful, and pleasant to interact with. I've lived at Arthouse for over a year and can say they take great care of their tenants. I appreciate how easy going they've been. I enjoy having friends over, as the building is a fun place to be!

The price of my apartment is really good, and the renewal wasn't bad at all. I've researched other properties and have seen much worse.

VALUE 10/10!

Jesus Quintero
I love this place! It’s such a beautiful place right next door to the water, amenities are great and Marian was great to work with. She a good listener and ready to work with you every step of the way.  Highly recommend this place.

chase quigley
I've lived here for the last year and just signed a new lease. It's been under new Management since I moved in, and haven't had any problems whatsoever. Staff is friendly and caring and always willing to help.

Gabriel Hartman
I've heard there may have been some issues with the old staff, but Marianne, the new manager, really is pretty cool. I found her to be straightforward, courteous, friendly, and professional.

Sarah Fuad
I currently live in this building. if the parking spaces were bigger i would definitely give it a 5.

KT Mason
Beautiful modern and in one of the best locations in Seattle

Broken Thunder
Clean good place thats secure.

D Mack
Stayed here for my honeymoon (as stated earlier they rent out vacant apartments to travelers) and it's pretty quiet, my wife and I joked that we were in a twilight zone episode because it was 2 days before we saw another human being in that building. Location is awesome. Don't bother renting a car unless you plan on going places a ways out. We never had a problem parking on the street but soon realized everything we wanted to see and do was within walking distance.

Rhydham Joshi
I lived at ArtHouse for 13 months. The apartments are tastefully designed and well kept. The staff at ArtHouse has been nothing short of exceptional in their service to the community and simply being good people. I had an excellent relationship, especially with Marian and Shawna, on a professional and personal level.  They have always been quick to attend to any apartment/community issues (not that there have been many). I have always been able to walk into my building knowing there is someone there I am happy to see/chat with. This goes such a long way in terms of creating an actual home environment.

Timothy Tran
I lived here with my wife for 2 years.  The building went through a number of managers and agents.  When things were stable (less turnover), everything went well with Marianne and Shawna.  The building has new manager and agents now, William and Kaleigha, both are responsive and helpful.

As for the building, we have moved out because the cost is a little too high with the amenities shut down for the most part.  The building is clean and the maintenance staff work quickly to try and make repairs timely.

The area is getting a little louder with the music studio near by starting up again and a few loud homeless passersby that always walk by early in the morning and middle of the afternoon.  The location is still great and within walking distance of the park, and waterfront (Pike Place).